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Lutana, TAS 7009

Vacuum Excavations

TasCabling use vacuum excavations as a safe and non-destructive method for removing earth in close proximity to critical services including high pressure gas mains, water, telecommunications and electrical infrastructure.

Vacuum Excavation is fast becoming the preferred technique of non-destructive and pot-hole excavation because of it’s low impact and precision.

Locate, identify, & repair blockage in asbestos conduit

Underground infrastructure can have hidden issues. Here the TasCabling team were unable to feed fibre optic cables through existing conduit. To overcome the problem it was necessary to dig down on the existing conduit, clear the blockage and remediate the area.

Asbestos Removal

To remove asbestos in a manner that is both compliant and safe for our staff and the public, TasCabling implement strict processes including, exclusion zones, personal protective equipment and always meet all requirements of the EPA.

TasCabling work on a variety of civil construction projects…

Regularly Tasmania’s Department of State Growth engage TasCabling to undertake infrastructure upgrades – Here in Burnie, Tasmania. TasCabling have removed asbestos pits and upgraded to the more sturdy, modern composite pits.


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