Simon Holmes & Chris Currie established TasCabling in 2014 with more than 20 years experience in civil construction, utilities and communications.

Known for their outstanding reliability and efficiency using modern equipment, taking great pride in their work and maintaining an exceptional safety record; TasCabling has grown from humble beginnings to become the preferred supplier for utilities services by many reputable local and national construction companies including the Tasmanian State Government.

TasCabling collaborate with clients and strive to ensure quality results with minimal disturbance to existing infrastructure and the surrounding environment.

Company Overview

TasCabling was established as a Tasmanian owned Fibre, Cabling and Civil construction company to undertake works upgrading Telstra infrastructure and building NBN network.

The company expanded its capabilities and now has the equipment, certification and a skilled team to complete various civil works projects.

Our Services

  1. Positive Identification of critical services using Non-Destructive Digging
  2. Vacuum Excavations of Trenches and Pier Holes
  3. High Pressure Storm Water, Culvert and Drain Cleaning (Root Cutting Attachments and Hot Water Drain Cleaning)
  4. Asbestos removal, transport and disposal
  5. Pit and pipe installation & remediation
  6. Excavation Works
  7. Remediation Works


Available Equipment

TasCabling owns and operates all its own equipment which include:

Certifications and Qualifications


TasCabling enlists the services of other contractors for the provision of, Concrete and Bitumen Reinstatement, Directional Underground Drilling and Rock sawing, all have been recruited by TasCabling at various times on various projects managed by TasCabling.